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Does your business's parking lot need to be repaved? Our crew can install new asphalt providing a smooth surface. Take a look at some of our past jobs below, and contact us for more information on paving services.
Driveway paving
Is your current driveway starting to crack or show its age? T. Schiefer Contractors, Inc. can make repairs to your existing driveway or install a new one. Contact us today, to see the different options that are available for your driveway repair.
Parking lot paving


New Driveway
A typical driveway usually consists of 6-8” of crushed stone subbase,2” of base asphalt material and 2” of top asphalt material.
New asphalt material
Your existing driveway may need to have the existing asphalt removed(depending on its current condition) and replaced but the existing subbase can remain. In some cases your existing subbase maybe insufficient(which maybe the current cause of the failing asphalt) and need to be removed and replaced before the new asphalt can be installed to result in a longer lasting driveway.
We can “overlay” your existing driveway with 2” of top asphalt material. Prior to the resurface, we remove a portion of the asphalt where it meets any concrete to maintain asphalt thickness and to meet it flush. Resurfacing will raise the height of your driveway slightly, not all driveways are a candidate for a resurface because of current grades surrounding your driveway which allow for proper drainage.
Repair is performed to correct isolated problems on the driveway, pot holes, low spots, and sinking area in front of garage, are all examples of repair. These can be done at any time, if you also resurface the remainder of the driveway it will all look uniform, however if you only perform the repairs, the repair areas will be much darker and noticeable in the driveway, the edges will also be sealed with tar.
Maintenance – Seal coating and crack filling
Because blacktop is naturally porous, water can seep into and through the paving. This not only causes deterioration, but results in ridges and upheaval due to frost and freezing. Asphalt is also softened and broken up by gasoline, lube, oil grease, certain wheel and tire cleaners, road salts and antifreeze which drip from cars. “Seal coating” protects asphalt with a coating that is impervious to these harmful elements. Unprotected driveways remain porous, dry out, become rough and lose their life rapidly, which you certainly want to avoid.